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In March of 2011 BMA started the Musician Of The Month Program to recognize some of our outstanding students and encourage each of our students to strive for greatness. Each month our teachers nominate one of their students for the award by writing a short essay and bio on the student and why they should be chosen as Musician Of The Month. Prizes for Musician Of The Month vary depending and the instrument the student plays, the level of their ability and always includes an embroidered limited edition BMA Sweatshirt, BMA T-Shirt and a Book. Here are some of our recent winners.
Sophia Liwag - Piano Student
Sophia is an OUTSTANDING student who actually practices her musical homework on a daily basis!! She always takes the initiative to go further into her Alfred piano book than assigned.  She finds music she likes on her own and starts working on it by herself.  Sophia is not only super cute but has an enormous amount of discipline for such a young student.  We look forward to seeing Sophia mature into a gifted performing artist and are excited that everyone will see her at the next BMA Piano Recital! Congratulations Sophia!

Olivia Painter - Vocalist / Guitarist
David Kidd has had Olivia as a student for several months and continues to be amazed by her. Not only is she a joy to work with but she is an exceptional student. Her excellent practice habits are evident each lesson and she is always eager to learn more. She is studying music theory, guitar technique, voice and song writing. As the lead of the band "Amused" she comes prepared to rehearsals and participates actively in the song writing process. Congrats Olivia

Grace "JoJo" Tabayoyong - Drummer
As a student of Jeff Page, JoJo has what it takes to be a successful drummer. Seh has a trememdous ear for music and is able to quickly grasp new rhythmic and musical concepts. She has a great groove and her form is impressive as well. Not only is she very attentive during lessons, she hardly ever misses and the lesson time just flies by very quickly. We know the future is bright for this young musician. Congratulations JoJo

Tyler Heffley - Bassist/Guitarist/Vocalist
Tyler Heffley, student of Phil Romo and Bassist for Pandemonium has been taking great initiative to learn how to read music as well as learning his scales and chords across the entire neck. When Tyler went to Advanced Camp he impressed everyone with his natural musicality, great feel and technical ability. Tyler also sings for Pandemonium and is honing his skills as a song writer. Congratulations Tyler

Makana Meyer - Vocalist
Makana has blossomed as a vocalist! She always comes prepared and is eager to learn more about her voice and how to become a better performer. Makana has  performed at many venues including performing the National Anthem at the Magic Johnson Charity Basketball Tournament. She most recently joined the band, "What If" as their lead vocalist. Makana is well on her way to becoming a professional vocalist.

Julianna Van Loo - Violinist
Julianna was chosen as the Musician Of The Month because of her hard work and discipline. She was also selected as one of the violinists for the All American Elementary School Honor Orchestra this year, at the Schoenberg Concert Hall under the direction of Larry Newman.
Congratulations Julianna!

David Aghajanyan - Drummer
David is 8 years old and when he is drumming his smile goes from ear to ear. He is always working on new rhythmical combinations. Despite his young age he is already a very good sight-reader and takes his rudiments very seriously. David is working on Brazilian & Jazz Rhythms. He loves techno music too, so we all look forward to hearing him beat-box!
Congratulations David

Justin Berger-Davis - Bassist
Justin's passion for playing the bass has caused his instructor Phil Romo to call him his most "Enthusiastic Student". Although Justin has been playing less than two years he is already a proficient sight reader. Justin is the bassist for aMUSEd and Magnitude, he has began the study of the upright bass and continues work on singing and song writing. Congratulations Justin!
Deni Cabaravdic - Drummer
Deni is the Drummer for Shadow Play and attends Mark Keppel Elementary School in Glendale. Deni has shown not only extreme determination and focus in his lessons but also an unrelenting work ethic. He has progressed so far in such a short time that we here at BMA are very excited to see what the future holds for this young musician. Congratulations Deni
Andrew Rogers - Keyboardist
Andrew displays a wide range of abilities on the piano and keyboards in the styles of classical, rock and jazz. As keyboardist in the group "Almost Hero" he has recorded a 4 song EP and played gigs at The Whiskey and The Key Club. Andrew's Jazz repertoire includes "So What", "Straight No Chaser", "Autumn Leaves" and "Blue Bossa". At age 14, Andrew is quite the versatile musician.
Cole Clarke - Guitarist
Cole has technique and passion along with strong rhythm and lead chops in his guitar playing. He is also writing original songs for his band "Smash It Up". Smash It Up just played the 2011 NAMM Show in Anaheim this past January along with a gig at Six Flags Magic Mountain this past summer. Cole also plays Trumpet with the Burroughs High School band and played at this years Sugar Bowl! Cole has the distinction of being the very first BMA Musician Of The Month, what a great way to start!